who we are

Award-Winning Programme

A little about us…

Grange Learning is a consortium of independent consultants, with a long history in working collaboratively with each other and our clients.

Our work is in the area of achieving organisational change through the effective deployment of people’s talent. Change begins with the individual, and we are motivated and skilled in creating strategies for sustainable personal change.

We help you identify the talent present in your organisation, along with any talent gaps against key business challenges. We have accumulated decades of expertise in building individual skills and team effectiveness.

We are experienced in working with all hierarchical levels: from shop floor to the board.

Our approach:

We like to talk through your needs at the early stages, and understand in detail what you consider to be ‘success’!

We prefer to be involved in both the design and implementation of programmes. That way, we develop a longer-term working relationship with you, and we all see the results of our efforts.

Is to design programmes that are experiential, participative and that require delegates to take accountability for their actions and planning.

We work in true collaboration, respecting the expertise of the people in the room.

We aim to be creative, and design programmes that are novel, fun and effective.

We create a working climate of energy, challenge, humour and spontaineity.

We recognise that organisational change needs to have strong business results and we work to integrate this


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